Dr Gale Watkins is the Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church.  He leads us in our walk with Christ and provides the pastoral care for every person at Westminster.  His Princeton Seminary background allows for a deep and rich understanding of the bible as it relates to modern day use.  As an avid marathon runner, including twice in the Boston Marathon, Gale was recently presented with Westminster's own medal for completing 20 years of service  with this church.


Dear friends,


Westminster has a longstanding tradition of celebrating All Saints Day. For hundreds of years, All Saints Day has been observed on November 1. It was originally a day to honor martyrs, believers who died because of their faith in Christ, who did not have a day of their own. Our church has used this season, the beginning of November, to recognize those who have departed this life over the past year. For a long time, we made banners that told the story of each unique life. We invited family members to carry them in a "parade of banners." Lately, we have made a change to virtual banners. It’s a slide show that does what the banners did, which is to say something about what was important in the life of each of these friends. Thanks are due to Marcia Weiland who has researched the lives of seven people who will be remembered with gratitude on Sunday, November 5.

On that same day, November 5, our 9:00 AM adult class will embark on a new series. Speaking of saints, we will study the life of a unique and exemplary person, the prophet Jeremiah. The book of Jeremiah is one of the "major" prophets in our Bible. Its 52 chapters include numerous prophecies, both before and during the humiliating defeat of the kingdom of Judah. The book is unusual among the prophetic books in including a number of biographical sketches of the prophet himself. We will be looking at these parts of the larger book. We will learn from Jeremiah what it means to be a human being who is called by God to faithfulness in a very difficult time. Join us for stimulating and challenging Bible study with plenty of opportunity for group discussion.

A little later in the month of November, on the 19th, we will hold a congregational meeting immediately after worship. The purpose of this meeting is to elect leaders for the coming year: elders, deacons, members of the nominating committee, and corporation officers. Plan to be on hand so that you can participate.

Our nation observes a day of Thanksgiving, which will take place this year on November 23rd. George Herbert’s prayer, penned centuries ago, is still pertinent: "Thou who hast given so much to me, give me one more thinga grateful heart." May it be so!



Gale Watkins, Pastor