Dr Gale Watkins is the Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church.  He leads us in our walk with Christ and provides the pastoral care for every person at Westminster.  His Princeton Seminary background allows for a deep and rich understanding of the bible as it relates to modern day use.  As an avid marathon runner, including twice in the Boston Marathon, Gale was recently presented with Westminster's own medal for completing 20 years of service  with this church.


Dear friends,

Something has changed in the life of our church, and especially in my life. I am now one of thousands of pastors in the United States who are "bivocational." This means that they have a second job in addition to being a pastor. This is normal operating procedure for thousands of congregations, but it’s a new experience for Westminster. We’ve always had at least one full-time pastor serving this congregation. That is, until September 1 of this year.

In August, our congregation approved a plan presented by our Session to change my terms of call, so that I would be three-quarters time with the church rather than full-time. This will result in a financial savings for the church, which can be very helpful at this time. To make up for the loss of personal income, I applied for another position, and have been hired. I am now a part-time faculty member at Grand Canyon University in the College of Theology.

Every student at GCU must take a required course called "Christian Worldview." It is an overview of the Christian faith, presented by the College of Theology, in which students must wrestle with their own answers to life’s major questions. Is there a God? Where did we come from? What does it mean to be a human being? What has gone wrong? Who is Jesus? What is my purpose in life? These are the sorts of questions that we are dealing with in class.

I am assisting two experienced, gifted teachers in sections of the Christian Worldview class that each have 90 students. Each class meets twice a week, for a total of three and a half hours. That means that I am interacting with 180 students two times each week. Their first paper was due on Sunday, September 10. During the following week, I read, commented on, and graded 70 papers! So far, it’s challenging and stimulating work. I’m still getting used to the new weekly rhythm. Basically, I am at Grand Canyon most of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the week, I’m doing normal things as pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

I’m thankful for your interest in this new venture. I ask that you would pray for the work that is going on Grand Canyon University. Remember especially the 180 students in the two sections of Christian Worldview, that they would come to a greater understanding of the Gospel and discover God’s purpose for their lives.



God’s blessings on you.



Gale Watkins, Pastor