I want to thank all the people who contributed time, talents, supplies and monies to the success of this summer’s Vacation Bible School. The hall took on the appearance of a cave with brown paper walls and stalactites. The children and leaders had a great time. Thank you again.

Marcia Weiland




We now have more fencing around our yard! The school put it in (and paid for it!) so that the younger children have a more fenced in playground. There are several gates that will be unlocked on Sunday to make easy access to the church.

The fence is a match for what was already there so it looks very nice. Take a look!

Marcia Weiland



Attention Music Lovers!

Our singers and ringers have just come back from summer hiatus and are engaging in music ministry for Sunday morning worship. The love of music is all you need in order to join our ranks.

Even though we are serious about our music and we rehearse faithfully, fun and fellowship are counted in our gatherings. Anyone, regardless of their lack of past music experience, is welcome to come to rehearsals on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM in the choir room, to help us learn our anthems and preludes.

Consider this an invitation!

Carol Fassbender




We are in great need to make more space for storage. To do so, we need to get rid of things we have been storing for many years. When we used card tables we put Masonite rounds on top, so we could seat more people around the tables. We haven’t used them forever and they need to be moved out of the way in the storage room. Also we were graciously given a Thomas Kinkade village of 17 buildings. They have been in the lounge for 3 years or more. There are many other things that are in need of a new home. On November 4 the school will have one of their flea markets and we will have our sidewalk sale at the same time. If you are looking for a new home for some of your things this would be a great time to send them on their way. I could use some help the week before the sale and also on November 4. The sale runs between 7AM and 1PM. Please give me a call (602-272-3940) or call the church office (602-274-2122) if you can help in any way. Thank you.

Marcia Weiland






Westminster's church office maintains a small supply of nonperishable food.  From time to time, people come to us who are seeking assistance.  We like to be able to offer some sustenance to help them get through the day.  At this time, our supply is very low.  If you would like to make a difference in someone's life, you can do this by bringing some food items by the church office during he week, or on any Sunday.  We are especially in need of items that do not require cooking, since some of the people we meet do not have access to a kitchen.  Thanks for your support!






Church's 65th Anniversary Celebration

Posted 10/10/2011

WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH celebrates it's 65 years as a place of Worship on October 22, 2016 between the hours of 10:00am and 12:00pm.  Please come enjoy the fun and games, including a bounce house, a Hot Rod display from one of our members, who incidentally is was recently inducted into the National Hot Rod Hall of Fame.  We hope to have a Phoenix Fire Truck on display, depending on of course their busy work schedule.  This event will feature some old photographs of the neighborhood when everything around the church was farmland.  

Welcome to our website!

Posted 10/10/2011

The WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH website is up and running! Visit our site to learn about our fellowship, the latest news, and upcoming events.

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